Okeano spalvos


We film that, which makes us feel. We edit captured images so that you too can feel what we felt. Sometimes it is difficult to express in words these moments that cannot be directed, which have happened only once and will not be the same again.

A look with excitement after a kiss at the altar, a baby’s hand reaching for a parent’s hug, greetings and warm hugs and everything that’s authentic and real to you on your celebration day.

We work in individual and commercial areas, but we look for the same Truth everywhere. No matter what project we are filming, it always intertwines with internal questions: what our lives are based on, where our values are, what is important to us and what is truly special.

We enjoy being able to combine captured images with musical or other creative work by other artists. We can help them express themselves and show their work in other colors. We love documentary, but we explore our creations in a variety of ways and willingly experiment spontaneously.

We produce a wide spectrum of film and video projects. We direct, film and edit reflective and creative video portraits, artistic short documentary and wedding films, music and promotional videos.